Professional Heritage Painters Adelaide

Professional Heritage Painters Adelaide

Residential Heritage Painting Adelaide

Highly skilled heritage painters Adelaide for top quality residential & commercial heritage painting & decorating.

Heritage House Painters Adelaide Heritage Commercial Painters

Covid-19 Safe Fully Vaccinated Heritage Painters Adelaide As Covid-19 safe professional heritage painters Adelaide, Lancaster Painters Australia provide a top quality Adelaide heritage painting and decorating service for your house, home or commercial business. We have 47 years of experience in high quality traditional and modern heritage residential and commercial painting and decorating work. We are a member of the National Trust of Australia and listed for federal, state and local heritage. Our range of interior and exterior heritage finishes, colour schemes and designs include decorative finishes for every period.

Expert local Adelaide master heritage painter Gary Lancaster was interviewed by The Advertiser about heritage restoration and heritage trade skills.

Watch our heritage restoration interview with The Advertiser on Adelaide Now .

Along with many private heritage houses, our profile boasts the Museum of Economic Botany, residential house The Lodge at Stirling, Auchendarroch House, Adelaide Town Hall, the Port Adelaide Historical Society Museum and so many more. See our heritage projects.

Photo featured above left: Our heritage painters performed interior and exterior local heritage painting, decorating and sign writing work to “Cortina” local heritage listed house after it had been water damaged. Photo above right: Interior and exterior painting, decorating and lining work to local heritage listed office of Planbuild Architects in Adelaide by heritage painter Gary Lancaster.

Historic Heritage Conservation & Restoration

Heritage Conservation Restoration Adelaide

Featured above: Interior and exterior heritage conservation-restoration work performed for state heritage listed Fitzroy house and stables in Adelaide by Lancaster Painters Australia. Please click on the photo to see the Advertiser interview with Gary Lancaster in Ayers House about the restoration of historic properties in Adelaide.

Featured below left: Significant heritage painting and decorative work applied by our painters in the stately heritage listed Adelaide Town Hall. When you click on the left-hand photo it will take you into the main portfolio which reveals information and photos of the work. Thank you.

Featured below right: Heritage painting and beautiful decorative finishes and art painted in “Bollens Folly”, also known as the “Wedding Cake House“in Mount Barker SA. When you click on the right-hand photo it will take you into the main portfolio which includes information and photos of the work. Thank you.

Unley Park Baptist Church

Heritage Painters Adelaide Unley Park Baptist Church Painting

Featured above: Unley Park Baptist Church heritage painting and decorating.

Pastor’s Review by Pastor Jason Hoet

“We had a massive job renovating Unley Park Baptist church sanctuary. Gary and the team did an amazing work with our organ, painting the large auditorium inside and out, coming up with solutions to issues that arose, helping us source scaffold, and heritage trades for things like doors/stain glass windows. Gary honestly worked above and beyond what was expected. He was very easy to relate to and eager to help. Gary takes pride in his work and is true craftsman/artisan. He knows his stuff! We recommend him, without any reservations. He will be our first call for any future work. Thanks so much Gary.” See our reviews.

See below for the beautiful heritage restoration work meticulously and skilfully applied to the leadlight and glass windows, the organ rediapering using 22 karat gold leaf and the restoration work of the heritage sign using authentic sign writing skills by Gary Lancaster to the Unley Park Baptist Church.

Adelaide Heritage Painters Glass Art & Leadlight

Heritage Painters Adelaide Unley Park Baptist Church Leadlight

Featured above: Unley Park Baptist Church heritage leadlight & Glass Cleaning.

Featured below: Beautiful various heritage glass art and leadlight designs & art.

Adelaide Heritage Stained Glass Art Painting

Rediapering of Organ Pipes

Painters Adelaide Church Organ Restoration and Rediapering

Featured above: Delicate rediapering of the organ pipes using 22 karat gold leaf.

Authentic Heritage Sign Writing

Gary used his heritage sign writing skills to restore the original sign for the church that had faded over the years as featured below. The top photo in the featured photo below shows the signage before Gary restored it, and the bottom one is after he restored it.

Heritage Painters Adelaide Unley Park Baptist Church Signage Restoration

As heritage painters Adelaide, Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about the conservation, restoration, reconstruction and beautification of Adelaide heritage buildings including houses and Churches. Using the latest National WHS (Work Health & Safety) policies, we implement strategies to ensure the safety and welfare all people involved including tradespeople, the customer, their workers and the property. We are committed to environmental care and public health.

Conservation-restoration, also referred to as conservation, is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the future. Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment and preventative care.

The aim of Heritage Conservation in Adelaide is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage places is retained for future generations to enjoy, but how do we achieve this? In 1979, Australia adopted a charter outlining the general principles and philosophy behind heritage conservation – The Burra Charter. This now forms the backbone of the management of historic places across Australia and indeed many other countries.

Our Adelaide Heritage Painters conform to the Burra Charter. The Burra Charter identifies three levels of repair for heritage structures as:

  • Preservation – Maintaining a structure in its existing state and preventing further deterioration.

  • Restoration – Returning a structure to a known earlier state by the repair of existing fabric without the introduction of new materials.

  • Reconstruction – Returning a structure to a known earlier state by the introduction of new material into any remaining fabric.

Adelaide Heritage Painters Quality Workmanship

As professional heritage painters Adelaide, we are able to achieve a high standard of workmanship by the performance of highly skilled painting and decorating techniques. Surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the correct type of super premium quality paint and materials. We are able to improve the aesthetic of a building and to protect it from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects and mould. We are committed to environmental care and public health. See our heritage services.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, ensuring surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems. Preparation is the most important aspect of any job, ensuring the quality of the final finish as well as adding years onto the paintwork before it will need painting again. Cracks, from minor hair-line cracks up to major structural cracking are filled using the correct materials. For major cracks this may involve sand, lime and cement or even plastering. All surfaces are rubbed down and dusted off, and in some cases, may require washing down. Following the Australian Industry Standards, we recommend a minimum of a three coat paint system using super premium quality paint and materials. As local Adelaide heritage painters, we are passionate about our work, our customers and the community. We ensure a high standard of workmanship and safety is achieved for each and every job. Read more about our painting preparation

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All our workers are Covid-19 vaccinated.

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Traditional Heritage Painting by Adelaide Heritage Painters

Sacred Heart Church Banner Heritage Reconstruction

Lancaster Painters Australia follow the Burra Charter for Adelaide heritage properties. We provide historical and traditional heritage painting methods for Adelaide that are reproduced using the same paint methods and materials employed after which painting methods began to dominate the industry.

As professional heritage painters in Adelaide, our work is based on exhaustive and continuous research into methods, materials, techniques and styles. Each job is individually hand painted by skilled artisans without compromises in quality, historical accuracy or consistency. Working from original paint scrapings, using techniques such as spectroscopy, micro analysis or mechanical methods, and by understanding documentary evidence, we have reproduced paint finishes, artwork and designs and accurately reproduced the style, character and look of the original period look.

Read about our traditional heritage trade skills‎.

Our Heritage Finishes

Heritage Painters Adelaide Painted Wood Grain and Marble Finishes

Featured above left: Hand painted oak wood grain applied to the front door of a private heritage residence in Adelaide. Above right: Heritage painter Gary Lancaster demonstrates the age old method of applying a Vert de Mer marble finish to a heritage fireplace.

Featured below: Gary Lancaster hand painted a faux Cararra marble finish to the slate fireplace in the main dining room of this beautiful heritage listed house to match the original Cararra fireplaces throughout the house.

Heritage Painters Adelaide Hand Painted Faux Carrara Marble

Heritage Tower House Faux Marble Testimony


I have pleasure in recommending Mr Gary Lancaster as an outstanding artist and craftsman in the field of faux marble.

There are six fireplace surrounds in Tower House which are made of Carrara marble and one such made of intricately carved slate. Mr Lancaster has treated the slate mantelpiece and pilasters so cleverly and artistically that they are now indistinguishable from those made from Italian marble. In fact, so expertly has the conversion been effectuated that the faux marble fireplace, because of the intricacy of its mouldings, now looks superior to the fireplaces in most of the other rooms.

In addition to his extraordinary creative skills Mr Lancaster is a student of heritage craftsmanship, and he brings to his work a broad and deep knowledge of the various crafts which have contributed to the South Australian architectural tradition.

I was impressed by the fact that Mr Lancaster was able to offer a firm quotation for the work that was required, together with exact dates for the commencement and completion of the work. These guarantees were scrupulously adhered to.

My experience of Gary Lancaster’s work is limited to this single article; but based upon that experience, I have confidence in recommending him as a superb craftsman who is both artistic and knowledgeable, and who adheres firmly to ethical principles.

Graham Jenkin

Tower House

4 June 2023

Heritage House North Adelaide

Painters North Adelaide House Painting Decorating

Reference: Gary Lancaster

Gary Lancaster worked as a painter and decorator on our heritage (Victorian) home in North Adelaide during 2021 – 2023.

He was always polite, punctual, reliable and provided clear quotations for his work, accompanied by a contract.

He has extensive experience and deep knowledge of authentic design and colours appropriate for historical properties of different eras. He is skilled at faux marbling, wood graining and wall paper choice and application. He was willing to share his understanding and experience with us in a generous and helpful way.

The end result is a beautiful home, evidenced by the accompanying photographs.

If you are looking for a genuine and skilled craftsman to provide advice and practical workmanship, we recommend him.

Ian Hamer

June 2023

See the testimony.

Gary along with Adam and Ron recently completed an internal repaint of our Villa in Malvern. We are pleased to provide this unsolicited reference and do so because we were delighted with the no fuss, professional manner in which the work was completed. The following qualities distinguished Lancaster from other painters which we have used in the past:

  • Timely arrival at the start of the project and each work day.
  • Good communication regarding recommendations, access and general issues.
  • Thorough surface preparation. This process was not hurried. In some cases two days were required to professionally prepare a room before painting. All drummy plaster was removed and new render applied, gaps were filled, surface defects repaired, handles and fitments removed to ensure a professional finish.
  • A polite and respectful manner towards all members of the household, always asking for permission before moving into a work area or using facilities.
  • A cheerful approach to the task.
  • A commitment to achieving a high standard of finish. A third coat was applied where necessary without any suggestion that further payment would be required.
  • Assisted with the moving of heavy items of furniture.
  • The last detail. Repairs to damaged door jambs, painting of yellowed exhaust fan grilles and other things not done by other painters.
  • Identified where other trades were required to achieve the best outcome and arranged a tiler and cabinetmaker on our behalf. This work was also first class.
  • Impeccably orderly and clean work habits. Work areas were regularly vacuumed to minimize dust. Drop mats which were extensively used were always clean and neatly folded in an agreed location at the end of each day’s work.
  • Eight rooms were prepared and painted to this very high standard in 7 working days in the lead up to Christmas. The availability of a skilled three person team kept the length of disruption of the household to a minimum.

We are pleased to recommend GD and JA Lancaster and thank them for an excellent job. We will be using them again. Brad & Kendall Moyes.

Please note: Previously trading as GD and JA Lancaster, we now trade as Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd. Thank you.

Find out more about our traditional heritage finishes on this website. You may be interested to see our professional heritage decorative finishes on our heritage website. Thank you.

Heritage Art Conservation

Sensitive Heritage Art Reconstruction Painters Adelaide

Heritage Painters Lancaster Painters Australia are committed to the conservation-restoration of heritage art in Adelaide for future generations to enjoy. We have the skills and expertise to sensitively clean art and to recreate artwork or decorative design even if the original is in poor condition, using techniques such as spectroscopy and micro analysis or mechanical methods.

Heritage China & Glass Painters Adelaide

Heritage Painters Adelaide China Painting

Featured Above: Our Adelaide Painters China Painting

Painters Adelaide Heritage Leadlight Glass Art Cleaning Repair

Featured Above: Adelaide Painters Leadlight

Heritage Painters Jewellery Glass Art Adelaide

Featured Above: Adelaide Glass Art & Jewellery

Adelaide painter Gary Lancaster offers a unique range of leadlight, glass art, jewellery, artwork, china painting and traditional signwriting services. He gives great customer service! See below for more beautiful finishes.

Adelaide Heritage Painter Testimonies

See More Heritage Projects

Sacred Heart Church Semaphore

“Recently Lancaster Painters Australia repainted Sacred Heart Church in Semaphore, South Australia. They were among a list of painters recommended to us by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council as suitable for the type of heritage restoration we were seeking in a painting firm. We eventually engaged Gary Lancaster and his team as we felt they had the best understanding of what we were seeking, and because we found Gary an easy person to work with. We valued his willingness to cooperate and consult. We were also advised that he had the expertise to restore some wording that was special to many of the congregation, but had been painted out in a previous painting. We were very pleased with our choice. Gary and his team did an excellent job, and were committed to doing their very best…” For imore information including history, full testimony, photos and stages of the work, please see our Sacred Heart Church project performed by our professional Adelaide Heritage Painters. Thank you.

Hon C. J. Sumner & Suzanne Roux

“Gary and Geoffrey offered creative suggestions and painted samples of their suggestions on our wall and ceilings so that we could clearly visualize their suggestions. The result is that our home is beautifully decorated maintaining our desire for a light and open ambience but at the same time reflecting the heritage of our home…Gary and Geoff displayed an enthusiasm and commitment to achieving an excellent quality of work. Their knowledge and skill and understanding of the many different painting methods and finishes has opened our eyes to what can be achieved by skilled artisans.” Please see the project with the full testimony, photos and information of the work. Thank you.

Payneham Road Uniting Church

“Payneham Road Uniting Church engaged Gary Lancaster to redecorate the interior of its worship chapel during February-March 2013… While we provided an outline of our requirements, Gary’s background and experience brought to our notice a number of features which, when highlighted, added considerably to the overall impact on the décor… The employees engaged by Gary were always cooperative, industrious and of good value. In particular we appreciated the care taken in repairing and modifying damaged features and the overall cleaning of the chapel and its contents…” See the project with full testimonies, photos and information about the work. Thank you.

Work Health & Safety

Lancaster Painters Australia are a very professional company. Gary is an exceptional painter with many years of experience in painting and restoration of buildings and furniture as well as lead lighting. I have engaged Gary for various painting and restoration jobs and tasks at a well known South Australian wine company. Gary has completed both painting of interior and exterior of heritage listed buildings and also restoration of furniture, wainscoting and dado railing of a prestigious building within the site. Gary is a friendly person who is very knowledgeable and also passionate about all things painting. I would highly recommend Lancaster Painters Australia for any type of painting or restoration work, particularly heritage restoration.

Company Work Health & Safety Officer.

Trade School Teachers

“Since I have known Gary, which is many years now. I have found him to be a very reliable, experienced decorative painter with a knowledge of all the traditional skills such as graining, marbling, stencilling, gold leaf and signage. I would not hesitate to have him work for me. His work is impeccable.” Peter Sykes – tradeschool teacher.

“I have contracted Lancaster Painters Australia to attend to painting and decorating work that I could not attend to due to ill health. I have found his services and professionalism to be of a high standard in delivery. Geoffrey Turner – tradeschool teacher.”

See Our Customer Reviews

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