Furniture Finishes Adelaide SA

Furniture Finishes Adelaide

Lancaster Painters Australia quality Furniture Finishes Adelaide boast Shabby Chic, 17th Century Bosiere, marquetry, armoires, marouflage, timber finishes, distressing, French polishing, staining etc. Hand painted finishes include faux (fake) wood grain, faux marble, Chinoiserie, art, motifs and designs. They can be applied onto almost any surface including cork, glass, wood, holland blinds, and more. We also provide a professional furniture restoration service for damaged and heritage furniture. And yes, we offer a gilding service to apply up to 22 karat gold and silver leaf to your furniture.

Painted Furniture Finishes

Distressed Finish Adelaide

Featured above: Distressed finish with a chalk paint design. Our painted finishes skilfully applied by hand include distressing, shabby chic, aged patina, Black Japan, crackle finish, sgraffito, Chalk Paint, granite, wax, tallow limewash, liming, stone blocking, inks, painted glass finishes, liquid metals and rustic finishes. See our Furniture Art.

Timber Furniture Finishes

Timber finishes for furniture include clear and tinted finishes, staining, lacquering, varnishing, burnishing, French Polish, wax, oils, shellac, resins, Black Japan, polyurethane, epoxy and environmentally friendly finishes.

Adelaide Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration Adelaide SA

Lancaster Painters Australia provide a quality furniture restoration service for all furniture as well as picture frames, mirrors and other items. Restoration includes painted finishes, staining, lacquering, varnishing, burnishing, French Polish, wax, oils, shellac, resins, Black Japan, polyurethane and epoxy. We reconstruct gilding (ie. gold & silver leaf etc.) & artistic finishes.

The Art of Gilding for Furniture

Add a touch of gold or silver to your furniture! Our furniture gilding services include silver leaf, gold leaf, aged gold leaf, aluminum leaf, gilded designs, copper antiquing, oxidation, silver powders, mica gold powders, antique metal; copper, bronze, brass and faux verdigris; faux rust and Dutch Metal.

Furniture Art Adelaide

Chinoiserie Laquerware Art Adelaide

Lancaster Painters Australia provide a unique artistic service for new and old furniture including armoires, boiseries and mirrors. We tailor our finishes to suit your lifestyle and cater for all styles – whether contemporary or modern, antique or heritage, or simply your own style.

Hand Painted Faux Marble Finish Adelaide

From Wood to Marble – Wooden desk hand painted to look like real marble.

Our furniture art includes marquetry, metallic art, rust, gesso, marbling – faux (fake) marble, faux granite, wood graining – faux wood grain, wallpaper, Venetian Plaster, encaustic art, gilding (including gold and silver leaf), glass art, hand painted mosaics, motifs and designs, stencils, Chinese lacquer, 2-D and 3-D art, and more.

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