Wedding Cake House Specialist Heritage Painting Decorating Mt Barker

The “Wedding Cake House” (formerly known as “Bollen’s Folly” and “The Sanitarium”) is an important part of the history of Mount Barker, although it isn’t heritage listed. It was built in the late 1800’s by George Bollen, (Pt. Adelaide 1877), who worked in Mount Barker as a cooper whilst studying to become a doctor.

The Wedding Cake House, Mt Barker

Wedding Cake House French Polishing Adelaide Painters Lancaster Painters Australia performed professional heritage painting work inside the Wedding Cake House, previously known as Bollen’s Folly. Interior painting decorating and artistic work included the hand painting of decorative ceiling roses and the painting of 17th Century Korean artwork on the atrium window leading into the main hallway. We hand painted marble coffers to the bottom section of the walls, and topped them off with pin-striping and stencils to form a dado effect. The 100 year old staircase was reconstructed by applying fresh paintwork to the turn posts and stringers. The final touch involved the french polishing of the Western Red Cedar handrails and posts of the staircase. See more information and photos.

Heritage Reconstruction Work

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