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Professional house painters Adelaide offer top quality finishes with style, colour and flair for a beautiful finish every time.
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House Painters Adelaide

Professional House Painters Adelaide House Painters & Decorators

Add value to your home! Hire our best professional house painters Adelaide for high quality interior and exterior painting & decorating for your home. Our beautiful finishes outlast the rest.

Heritage House Painters

Heritage House Painters Adelaide

Heritage house painters Adelaide are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of heritage house painting, decorating & art using traditional & modern heritage skills and finishes.

Contemporary Painters

Contemporary House Painters Adelaide

Do you have a house or apartment here in Adelaide that is contemporary style? Then why not hire our expert painters for top quality painting & decorating & a flair for contemporary finishes & art.

Professional Adelaide House Painters and Decorators

Professional House Painters Adelaide

With over 40 years of experience, local house painters Adelaide provide a top quality interior and exterior painting and decorating service for all Adelaide homes. Whether your home is heritage, contemporary or modern, we have the expertise and skills to perform top quality painting and decorating using the correct top quality products for the best result. Our home services boast consultation, house painting and decorating, colour matching, wallpaper hanging, swimming pool painting, furniture finishing and beautiful home finishes. Being committed to environmental care and the health and safety of our customers, Lancaster Painters Australia give great customer service. As professional house painters Adelaide, we offer safe lead testing and removal services for older homes. Find out how to add value to your home without the expense.

From House To Home!


As Adelaide house painters & decorators, we are inspired by the aesthetics of stunning house painting techniques – dealing with the nature of art, beauty and taste, and the creation and appreciation of beauty.

Turn your house into your home! By simply using the right paint, colour and techniques with a touch of creativity, we can turn everyday rooms into extraordinary spaces. We paint kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, furniture and more. So why not personalise it and make it your own? You can choose from our extensive range of colours and designs including our beautiful home paint finishes, luxury home finishes, wallpaper and art – or have us design your vision for your home. We work extensively with you, the customer, to help you achieve your desired outcome. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, we aim for total customer satisfaction.


Add Value To Your Home

Apartment Painting Adelaide Art

Add value to your home! Even the experts say that paint colour is a low-cost but effective way of showcasing your home. Simple decorating with paint brightens your home. You can use colour to highlight the architectural features of your house or use feature walls to create a striking unique design element in your home. They are a great way of adding a splash of colour or design using paint, wallpaper or a beautiful piece of art. Or impress your friends with a hand painted wood grain or marble finish that looks so real and stunningly beautiful! (See featured photo below). The possibilities are endless! We offer hand painted stone, brick, cement, concrete, metal and rust finishes, Venetian plaster, and so much more.

Faux Marble Painted Desk and Parisian Art Adelaide

Be inspired by our range of designer finishes for creative ideas that reflect your lifestyle. They include traditional and modern heritage finishes, modern and contemporary finishes, authentic Porters Paints finishes, your specialty finishes and more.

About Our Adelaide House Painters & Decorators

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About Our Residential Painters

As professional house painters Adelaide we are committed to providing a top quality painting service that results in a professional finished look and adds years onto the paintwork before it will need painting again. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, and ensure only the correct type of paint and materials are used for your home. Preparation is the most important aspect of any home painting project. When performed properly, it results in a high quality finished look of the paintwork and adds years onto the final finish. We ensure surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems, filling cracks and indentations using premium quality materials. Lancaster Painters Australia follow the Australian Industry Standards for all residential painting work and highly recommend a minimum of a three coat paint system using super premium quality paint for beautiful home finishes. Read our quality painting procedure.

Free quotes with no hidden costs!

More than 40 years of experience

Implement Work Health & Safety

Superior quality workmanship

Have Australian Industry Standards

We are fully licensed and insured

All our painters are fully qualified

We provide customer references

We are efficient, honest & reliable

Super premium paint & materials

We give great customer service!

Have National Police Clearance

We value our customers and provide them with a written quotation, detailing the process of works to ensure the highest quality of workmanship is achieved for their job. We listen to our customers and communicate with them on a regular basis.

Lancaster Painters Australia aim to turn up either early or on time. Should unforseen circumstances arise that are out of our control, we contact our customers immediately to explain and give an indication of when we expect to arrive. We aim to begin and finish every job on time and to take the job from start to finish without interruption. At the end of every day, we clean and tidy the work and remove any rubbish. We implement the latest National WHS (Work, Health and Safety) policies and aim for total customer care and satisfaction.

Adelaide House Painting Testimony

Brad & Kendall Moyes

Gary along with Adam and Ron recently completed an internal repaint of our Villa in Malvern. We are pleased to provide this unsolicited reference and do so because we were delighted with the no fuss, professional manner in which the work was completed. The following qualities distinguished Lancaster from other painters which we have used in the past:

  • Timely arrival at the start of the project and each work day.
  • Good communication regarding recommendations, access and general issues.
  • Thorough surface preparation. This process was not hurried. In some cases two days were required to professionally prepare a room before painting. All drummy plaster was removed and new render applied, gaps were filled, surface defects repaired, handles and fitments removed to ensure a professional finish.
  • A polite and respectful manner towards all members of the household, always asking for permission before moving into a work area or using facilities.
  • A cheerful approach to the task.
  • A commitment to achieving a high standard of finish. A third coat was applied where necessary without any suggestion that further payment would be required.
  • Assisted with the moving of heavy items of furniture.
  • The last detail. Repairs to damaged door jambs, painting of yellowed exhaust fan grilles and other things not done by other painters.
  • Identified where other trades were required to achieve the best outcome and arranged a tiler and cabinetmaker on our behalf. This work was also first class.
  • Impeccably orderly and clean work habits. Work areas were regularly vacuumed to minimize dust. Drop mats which were extensively used were always clean and neatly folded in an agreed location at the end of each day’s work.
  • Eight rooms were prepared and painted to this very high standard in 7 working days in the lead up to Christmas. The availability of a skilled three person team kept the length of disruption of the household to a minimum.

We are pleased to recommend GD and JA Lancaster* and thank them for an excellent job. We will be using them again.

* Please note: Previously trading as GD and JA Lancaster*, we now trade as Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd.

House Painting & Decorating Testimony

Hon C. J. Sumner & Suzanne Roux

Northampton Heritage House Adelaide Progressive Heritage Painting Decorating

“Gary and Geoffrey offered creative suggestions and painted samples of their suggestions on our wall and ceilings so that we could clearly visualize their suggestions. The result is that our home is beautifully decorated maintaining our desire for a light and open ambience but at the same time reflecting the heritage of our home… Both Gary and Geoff displayed an enthusiasm and commitment to achieving an excellent quality of work. Their knowledge and skill and understanding of the many different painting methods and finishes has opened our eyes to what can be achieved by skilled artisans.”

Read the full testimony or see the full project with information, full testimonial and photos of the work.

Read more house painting and decorating testimonies from our customers right here in Adelaide.

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