About Us and Our Professional Adelaide Painters

About Our Adelaide Painters

Lancaster Painters Australia Australian Owned and Operated Business Our Adelaide painters, Lancaster Painters Australia, offer professional painting and decorating services to metropolitan Adelaide, greater Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. Our painters are COVID-19 safe and vaccinated. Our business is fully South Australian owned and operated. We proudly support “I Choose SA”.

As local Adelaide painters and decorators, we have more than 46 years of experience in painting and decorating. We provide a fully licensed commercial and house painting, decorating, artistic and restoration service for all properties. Over the years, we have painted and decorated many residential, community, heritage, commercial and government properties throughout South Australia. Lancaster Painters Australia are heritage listed in South Australia and a member of the National Trust of Australia.

Thorough Preparation

Did you know? Preparation is the most important aspect of any painting job. It determines the look of the final finish and will add years onto the longevity of the paintwork. Hire Lancaster Painters Painters Australia for Top Quality painting and decorating work here in Adelaide.

About Our South Australian Business

When you choose our South Australian business for your painting, decorating or artistic services, you are helping to employ South Australians to do your painting job. In doing so, you are also supporting local retailers including those who supply many of the products and tools that we use.

So let’s get together and help support our beautiful state of South Australia!

We all have the power to make a difference! If you decide to hire our painting services, you are contributing to the growth in our state. Come on board to make South Australia great!

About Adelaide Painters

About Our Adelaide Painters

About Us. Lancaster Painters Australia Safe Work Practices.

Being environmentally friendly, Lancaster Painters Australia care about people and the environment, and are serious about being covid-19 safe. We are committed to using the latest National WHS (Work Health & Safety) policies, and take extensive measures to ensure the safety and welfare not only of all people involved including all workers and customers, but also of the property, land, vegetation and the neighbouring community.

Super Premium Paint Finishes

From general painting and repaint services, our services also include environmentally friendly paint finishes, designer finishes and art. As specialist painters, our beautiful and unique range of designer finishes incorporate innovative contemporary finishes, furniture finishes, specialty finishes, decorative finishes and heritage finishes. Heritage finishes cater for modern, historical and traditional heritage styles. Professionally trained by English and Scottish masters, our traditional heritage finishes have been reproduced over many years using the Decorative Arts.

Top Quality Workmanship

Adelaide Painters Premium Painting Services More about us… As fully qualified professional painters and decorators in Adelaide, we comply with Australian Industry Standards by following the AS/NZ 2311:2009 specification on substrate preparation and application of the coating system, and the Master Painters Association Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry. We recommend a minimum of a three coat paint system using only the correct type of premium quality paint and materials for the job. There are painters who do not apply the correct coating systems resulting in the paintwork breaking down after a short period of time, leaving their customers very disappointed. Preparation as the most important aspect of any paint job. When performed properly, not only does it enhance the look of the finished paint job, but will add years to the lasting value of the paintwork before it will need painting again. Read our professional painting procedure.

Our Honesty and Reliability

Lancaster Painters Australia offer a reliable painting, decorating and artistic service for all Adelaide properties. We aim to turn up either early or on time. Should unforeseen circumstances arise that are out of our control, we contact our customers immediately to explain and give an indication of when we expect to arrive. We aim to begin and finish every job on time and to take the job from start to finish without interruption. Treating our customers and their property with respect, we clean and tidy the work area on a regular basis and remove all rubbish on completion. We value our customers and believe communication between ourselves and our customers is of utmost importance. Being passionate about our work and our customers, we ensure a high standard of workmanship is achieved for every job. Read more about us.

Our Commitment

Lancaster Painters Australia are committed to:

  • providing a high level of customer service.
  • providing consistent quality in painting work including specialist, decorative, contemporary, modern and heritage finishes and artisan works such as Trompe L’Oeil and fine art.
  • Sourcing information about creating new, contemporary and innovative paint finishes and artwork.
  • providing consistent quality in heritage conservation, repaint, reconstruction, restoration work and the decorative arts.
  • retaining the heritage skills of bygone eras through education including the training of graduate architects and painters and decorators.
  • complying with both customer and regulatory requirements.

Our objectives

  • Customer Focus – ensuring that we understand current and future customer needs, meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations;
  • Involvement of People – ensuring that full involvement of all staff in the success of the organisation is achieved, and that people’s knowledge and skills are developed to meet their own, and the organisation’s goals;
  • Supplier Relationships – ensuring that mutually beneficial relationships are developed and agreed goals achieved.

Our Adelaide Painters






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More Information About Our Adelaide Painters

About Us. Adelaide painters and decorators Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd are fully licensed, insured, certified and qualified. We are proudly Australian owned and operated. ABN: 85 479 617 277. Our licences: Consumer and Business Services SA Licences: Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd Building Work Contractor Licence BLD239320. Gary D Lancaster Building Work Supervisors Licence BLD119671. Thanks to The Master Craftsman. IS53YLT.

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