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Adelaide Painting & Decorating Services

by Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd

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We offer a wide range professional Adelaide painting services for all residential houses and commercial businesses.

Adelaide Painting Services

Adelaide Painters Servicing Adelaide


Design & decor

Paint finishes

Colour schemes

Specialist finishes

Paint & Surface Finishes

Commercial painting
Residential painting
Heritage painting
Pool painting

Safe paint stripping
Lead paint removal
Repairs to surfaces
Filling & plastering

Expert quality painting
Brush & roller painting
Fine air brushing
Spray painting

Colour matching & strié
Scumbling & glazing
Eco paint systems
Graffiti removal

Graphic Paint Services

Painted sky ceilings
Trompe l’oeil

Air brushing
2D & 3D Art

Contemporary & Modern Finishes

Faux (fake) metal & rust finishes
Gilding (incl. gold & silver leaf)
Faux precious stones (ie. ruby)
2-D & 3-D contemporary art

Italian & Chic French finishes
Modern Renaissance finishes
Venetian polished plaster
Artistic glass effects

Faux marble, stone & wood grain
Burnished wood, timber finishes
Faux (imitation) animal skin
Wax encaustic painting

See our contemporary painting services

Heritage Finishes

Georgian, Queen Anne, Art Deco
Victorian, Edwardian, Federation
Traditional & modern heritage
Heritage colour schemes

Heritage reconstruction & repaint
Quality conservation-restoration
Paint scrapings & sign writing
Motifs, designs & heraldry

Gothic interiors & Pugin designs
Heritage furniture finishing
Heritage art & wallpaper
Decorative arts finishes

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Decorative, Faux (Fake) Finishes

Faux marbling & wood graining
Motifs, designs and heraldry
Venetian polished plaster
Glass art and leadlight
Ragging & sponging

Gilding (incl. gold & silver leaf)
Limewash and colour wash
Verre eglomise and strie
Decorative ceiling roses
Decorative cornices

Stencilling and sign writing
Hand painted wallpaper
Chinoiserie decoration
Fine furniture finishes
Art and trompe l’oeil

See our decorative painting services

Specialist Finishes

Metallic finishes & stainless steel
Textured coatings, stone finishes
Aged patina & micaceous finishes
Rustic and rusted metal finishes
Gold, silver, copper & bronze
Tuscan finishes & florentino

Bello Italian, Chic French finishes
Shabby chic & distressed finishes
Tadelakt and concrete finishes
Venetian plaster & marmarino
Stucco, sgraffito & intonaco
Renaissance finishes & art

Faux marble, stone & wood grain
Chalk & milk paint, duchess satin
Glass effects, washes, wallpaper
Wax encaustic & crackle finishes
Burnished wood timber finishes
Art, frescoes & trompe l’oeil

See our specialist finishes


We cater for a variety of wallpaper themes including contemporary, heritage, Chinoiserie, themes for pets, kids themes for nurseries and children’s bedrooms – and so much more!

Friezes, murals, vinyls & flocks
Front runners & borders

Silk, foils, fabrics & paper
Scenic French wallpaper

Hand painted wallpaper
Lincrusta & Anaglypta


Porters Paints washes

French and lime wash

Colour wash, distemper

European washes

Porters Paints Finishes

Distemper & Crackle Medium
French Wash & Lime Wash
Liquid Iron & Wood Wash

Duchess Satin & Patina Green
Liquid Copper & Instant Rust
Copper Wash & Fesco

Concrete Wash & Milk Paint
Porters Eggshell Acrylic
Chalk Board Paint

See our Porters Paints finishes

Gilding Services

Mica gold & silver powder
Silver & aluminium leaf
Dutch & antique metal

Water gilding & designs
Liquid copper & Instant rust
Bronze, brass & faux verdigris

Gold & aged gold leaf
Porters eggshell acrylic
Copper & copper antique

Glass Services

Leadlight, stained glass
Hand painted glass

Coloured glass
Frosted glass

Reverse glass painting
Stencilled glass

Etched glass
Glass art

Furniture & Floor Finishes

Professional furniture finishes boast shabby chic, 17th Century bosiere, marquetry, armoires, marouflage, distressing, French polishing, staining, wood graining, gilding, Chinoiserie and motifs. Our craftsmanship extends to include art, motifs and designs hand painted on almost any surface such as cork, glass and holland blinds. Some finishes may be applied to floors.

Marquetry, faux verdigris
Distressing, shabby chic
Motifs, designs, patina

Timber, metal. rust finish
Varnishing & burnishing
Gilding, staining, art

French polishing & wax
Furniture restoration
Furniture finishing

See our furniture finishing services

Other Services

We are fully licensed to erect, move and dismantle the following:

Elevated Work Platforms

Cherry Pickers
Self-propelled straight boom lifts
Self-propelled articulated boom lifts
Trailer mounted articulated boom lift


Mobile scaffold to 38 metres high
Steel scaffold to 45 metres high
Ropes, splicing and whipping
Static lines and safety nets

Adelaide Painting Services

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