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Our Customer Testimonials

In order to protect the privacy of our customers who have so graciously testified to the integrity and quality of our business and our workmanship, these Adelaide painting testimonials have been reproduced without their personal contact information. Thank you.

A Selection Of Our Customer Testimonies

Ex Trade School Teacher

“Since I have known Gary, which is many years now. I have found him to be a very reliable, experienced decorative painter with a knowledge of all the traditional skills such as graining, marbling, stencilling, gold leaf and signage. I would not hesitate to have him work for me. His work is impeccable.” Peter Sykes – ex tradeschool teacher.

Tudor House Erindale Testimony

Customer Testimony

Tudor Style House Erindale Lead Stripping & Painting Adelaide

Gary’s work is impeccable and he has always been on time and very professional. He has done numerous jobs for me and my family and I highly recommend him – Adrian. See the project.

Stirling Hospital

Painting Testimony

Painting Testimony

“Hi Gary, I am writing to thank you for the exceptional job you did painting our residents rooms at Andrewartha Aged Care. It is not often that a company exceeds expectations, however you and your company did just that. Your professionalism, quality workmanship and desire for complete customer satisfaction are very impressive. You were always punctual and courteous and have an excellent eye for detail. It was great to have met you and we look forward to using your services again.” Kind regards, Jennie Cameron, CEO/Director of Nursing.

Tower House

Painters Adelaide Faux Marble Heritage Fireplace


I have pleasure in recommending Mr Gary Lancaster as an outstanding artist and craftsman in the field of faux marble.

There are six fireplace surrounds in Tower House which are made of Carrara marble and one such made of intricately carved slate. Mr Lancaster has treated the slate mantelpiece and pilasters so cleverly and artistically that they are now indistinguishable from those made from Italian marble. In fact, so expertly has the conversion been effectuated that the faux marble fireplace, because of the intricacy of its mouldings, now looks superior to the fireplaces in most of the other rooms.

In addition to his extraordinary creative skills Mr Lancaster is a student of heritage craftsmanship, and he brings to his work a broad and deep knowledge of the various crafts which have contributed to the South Australian architectural tradition.

I was impressed by the fact that Mr Lancaster was able to offer a firm quotation for the work that was required, together with exact dates for the commencement and completion of the work. These guarantees were scrupulously adhered to.

My experience of Gary Lancaster’s work is limited to this single article; but based upon that experience, I have confidence in recommending him as a superb craftsman who is both artistic and knowledgeable, and who adheres firmly to ethical principles.

Graham Jenkin

Tower House

4 June 2023

See more of Graham Jenkin’s Testimony


David & Robin Bradley

“We have recently had Gary Lancaster come to our home to paint our sash windows along with rendered surroundings. It was ten years since the windows and rendering were last painted, and they were in a somewhat sad state.

In all our years of having domestic contractors work for us, we have never had anyone whose painstaking attention to detail has been so thorough.

Gary’s bubbly sense of humour has obviously stood him in good stead through what has been a very demanding and challenging three weeks of remedial paintwork.

We would happily recommend Gary and his team to anyone looking for a complete and excellent decorating and refurbishment job completed in a professional and tidy fashion.


David and Robin Bradley

Adelaide Hills

Rutledge Engineering

“It was a delight to deal with someone who is professional, arrives when they say they will, and does work to the standard we all hope for. He obviously is trained and experienced and has very good knowledge of all kinds of finishes and techniques.” Sandy Rutledge. Read more of Sandy’s Testimony.

Hon C. J. Sumner & Suzanne Roux

Painters Adelaide Northampton Villa Heritage Painting Decorating

“Gary and Geoffrey offered creative suggestions and painted samples of their suggestions on our wall and ceilings so that we could clearly visualize their suggestions. The result is that our home is beautifully decorated maintaining our desire for a light and open ambience but at the same time reflecting the heritage of our home…Gary and Geoff displayed an enthusiasm and commitment to achieving an excellent quality of work. Their knowledge and skill and understanding of the many different painting methods and finishes has opened our eyes to what can be achieved by skilled artisans.” You can see the full project with the full testimony, photos and information of the work, Thank you.

Payneham Road Uniting Church

Heritage Payneham Rd Uniting Church Painting Decorating Adelaide

“Payneham Road Uniting Church engaged Gary Lancaster to redecorate the interior of its worship chapel during February-March 2013… While we provided an outline of our requirements, Gary’s background and experience brought to our notice a number of features which, when highlighted, added considerably to the overall impact on the décor… The employees engaged by Gary were always cooperative, industrious and of good value. In particular we appreciated the care taken in repairing and modifying damaged features and the overall cleaning of the chapel and its contents…” Read more of Payneham Road Church Testimony.

Church of the Sacred Heart

Painters Adelaide Sacred Heart Church Painting Decorating

“Gary and his team did an excellent job, and were committed to doing their very best. Since the completion of the painting we have had a constant stream of praise for the work. It has transformed the look of the church. Previously it was painted a drab cement colour. It now has a much more pleasant, warmer feel to it, and many of its features have been enhanced by the colours they have been painted.” Father Brian Angus.

Read Father’s full testimonial. See photos and information of our work at Sacred Heart Church project.

Brad & Kendall Moyes

“Gary along with Adam and Ron recently completed an internal repaint of our Villa in Malvern…We were delighted with the no fuss, professional manner in which the work was completed.” Read more of Moyes Testimony.

Mr Ian Hamer

North Adelaide House Painters Painting and Decorating Testimony

Reference: Gary Lancaster

Gary Lancaster worked as a painter and decorator on our heritage (Victorian) home in North Adelaide during 2021 – 2023.

He was always polite, punctual, reliable and provided clear quotations for his work, accompanied by a contract.

He has extensive experience and deep knowledge of authentic design and colours appropriate for historical properties of different eras. He is skilled at faux marbling, wood graining and wall paper choice and application. He was willing to share his understanding and experience with us in a generous and helpful way.

The end result is a beautiful home, evidenced by the accompanying photographs.

If you are looking for a genuine and skilled craftsman to provide advice and practical workmanship, we recommend him.

Ian Hamer

June 2023

* * * * * * *

Gary Lancaster, Heritage painter, spent a number of months painting the inside of our Victorian house. He was always polite, helpful and knowledgeable and we are extremely happy with the final result.

Faith Hamer

May 2024

See the testimony.

Tranmere House Painting Testimonies

Tranmere House Professional Repaint Adelaide

Tranmere House Painted 3D Art Trompe Loeil

“I had Gary Lancaster of Lancaster Painters Australia paint the inside and outside of my house. They did a brilliant job! They spent a lot of time preparing the surfaces thoroughly before applying the paint. They are so friendly and courteous. It impressed me that they clean up so thoroughly after each day. They turned up on time when they said they would come. The information they gave me about how to proceed helped a lot and they really listened to what I wanted. I am pleased with the outcome. They also painted some artwork for me on one of my inside walls to make it look like the room opens up out to a beautiful garden setting. Everyone who visits comments on the artwork. Living in a transportable house, they also painted a decorative finish of some fake brickwork to the bottom section of the front of my house. People passing by think I’m living in a brick house. The painted brick effect looks so real! He did a brilliant job and hand painted beautiful decorative finishes and art as well.

Tranmere House Aelaide Painting Decorative Art

“Had a great response and a quality job will get them again. Winner of Master Builders awards, Master Painters awards, and has been successful in working in four states in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, and he is heritage listed in WA, SA, VIC, Tas and Melbourne. He has exhibited painting of landscapes and glass painting in Sala, South Australian living artist, along with china painting, and the old arts.”

by JAL3.

“I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a professional paint job for their house or perhaps some beautiful decorative finishes or art.”

With thanks to the late Ronnie Webster – Master Painter and Decorator – who taught Gary Lancaster these specialised skills including decorative finishes, heritage finishes and art.

See the project

See More About Our Adelaide House Painters.

Port Adelaide Historical Sociaty Testimony

Adelaide Painters Historic Tancred Feature

“Gary from Lancaster Painters Australia, was chosen by the Port Adelaide Historical society to restore the Tancred Wheelhouse, that is part of their Museum. Gary is an expert in restoring heritage items and his advice on choosing the correct paint and colour matching was much appreciated. Great Job Lancaster Painters australia” David Hunter.

Swimming Pool Painting

Swimming Pool Painting Parkside

“We had a large, previously painted concrete pool that was not in a great state. Gary was great about quoting and explaining the pool painting process, the workmanship is excellent and we couldn’t be happier with the result. One year on and it is still looking great.”

Matthew Mackereth. See project.

Work Health & Safety Officer

Lancaster Painters Australia are a very professional company. Gary is an exceptional painter with many years of experience in painting and restoration of buildings and furniture as well as lead lighting. I have engaged Gary for various painting and restoration jobs and tasks at a well known South Australian wine company. Gary has completed both painting of interior and exterior of heritage listed buildings and also restoration of furniture, wainscoting and dado railing of a prestigious building within the site. Gary is a friendly person who is very knowledgeable and also passionate about all things painting. I would highly recommend Lancaster Painters Australia for any type of painting or restoration work, particularly heritage restoration.

Company Work Health & Safety Officer.

Private Lecturer

I have contracted Lancaster Painters Australia to attend to painting and decorating work that I could not attend to due to ill health. I have found his services and professionalism to be of a high standard in delivery.

Geoffrey Turner.


Lecturer TAFE NSW

“Since I have known Gary, which is many years now. I have found him to be a very reliable, experienced decorative painter with a knowledge of all the traditional skills such as graining, marbling, stencilling, gold leaf and signage. I would not hesitate to have him work for me. His work is impeccable.”

Peter Sykes.

Lecturer TAFE SA

30 March 2012
Iss Institute
Level 1
189 Faraday Street

To Whom it may concern,

I would like to express my support for Gary Lancaster to obtain an international fellowship in the trade of PAINTING AND DECORATING, specifically DECORATIVE PAINT FINISHES.

I am a Lecturer for TAFESA in the trade and Have been involved teaching in this subject to apprentices for many years.

Changes that have been made to our training packages which stipulate what is taught to apprentices and cut backs in government funding restrict lecturers to what can be done in our environment teaching decorative finishes.

Many of the lecturers including myself who have the ability to teach these skills have retired or are close to retirement.

I have known Gary Lancaster for 25 years.

Gary has always had a great passion and love of Decorative Paint Finishes and has proven this in his business.

He always strives for quality and excellence and wants to continually improve.

Gary like myself knows you can always learn more.

Without People in Industry maintaining these skills they will be lost.

Gary is also passionate about TRAINING and passing these skills on to other TRADIES.

He has proven via his current business that there is a need for these skills and that if you strive for excellence he can teach other painting contractors the benefits of pursuing them in their careers.

I am 100% positive Gary will use the experience gained from this fellowship to benefit others by passing on his passion and new skills obtained.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Baliga


Painting and Decorating


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