Professional Wallpaper Hangers Adelaide Installers

Professional Wallpaper Hangers Adelaide

Our professional Adelaide wallpaper hangers & installers provide a top quality wallpaper removal, hanging & installation service for Adelaide. And yes! We hang all types of paper including Flocks, Silk, Foils, Vinyls, Paper, Fabrics, Lincrusta, Anaglypta, Murals, Friezes, Borders, Front Runners, Scenic French Paper and more. In the photo featured above, professional Adelaide wallpaper hanger Gary Lancaster installed Signature Prints wallpaper in the “Emma Hack Gallery”. We are recommended paper installers for Signature Prints – the home of “Florence Broadhurst”.

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William Morris Brook Linen Wallpaper Hanging Adelaide Wallpaper Hangers

Brook Linen Paper Hanging Installation Adelaide Wallpaper Hanger

Photos above: Professional Adelaide paper hanger Gary Lancaster delicately and meticulously installed superior quality “The Brook Linen” scenic wallpaper by Morris & Co in private residences in North Adelaide and Glenelg.

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Professional Wallpaper Hanging Service

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Our specialist paper installers are highly skilled in hanging all types of paper. We offer an extensive variety of quality wallpapers for both home and business. They include the latest collections of Paul Montgomery, William Morris, Signature Prints wallpapers and many more. And yes, they include contemporary and heritage themes, themes for pets, kids themes for nurseries and children’s bedrooms – and many more!

Kids Childrens Bedroom Wallpaper Hanger Adelaide
Featured Above: Kids Bedroom Paper

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Bamboo Wallpaper Hanger Adelaide

Bamboo Paper

Authentic Signature Prints Contemporary Wallpaper Adelaide

Signature Prints Paper

Romantic Fragments Romance Wallpaper Adelaide

Fragments Romance Paper

Contemporary Wallpaper Adelaide

Stylish Contemporary Paper

Wallpaper 3D Mural Scenes Adelaide

Scenic 3D Paper

Wisteria Fern Wallpaper Adelaide

Your Romance Paper

WallPaper Hangers Adelaide SA

Heritage Wallpapers

Traditional Heritage Finishes Adelaide Wallpapered Ceiling Wall

Paper Hangers Adelaide

And so much more…

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Commercial Paper Hanging Adelaide Installers

Gary Lancaster is a professional paper hanger with over 47 years of experience. He specialises in professionalism and the quality methods of the old masters. His expertise extends to fixing, repairing and restoring damaged wallpaper. Feature walls for residential homes and commercial businesses are his speciality – for entrances and halls, lounge rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, offices, shops, Churches etc.

Paper Hanging Testimony

Wallpaper Installers Adelaide

“Woodger” Porters Sandstone Paper Hanging

“We engaged Gary Lancaster to hang some wallpaper recently. We were impressed by his prompt response to our initial enquiry, and later with the quality of his work. Gary deemed the original wallpaper to be unsuitable for hanging owing to damage, and successfully obtained a replacement supply at no cost to us. The work he completed was of a high standard, and reasonably priced. We are happy to recommend his work to anyone.”

Neil & Rosemary Woodger.

Our Wallpaper Consultation

Did you know there is a huge difference between cheaper papers that are not produced to quality standards and the quality papers available? The cheaper ones can cause problems with hanging and can break down within a short space of time. The quality papers are designed to hang beautifully and to outlast the rest.

Gary Lancaster offers a consultation service for expert advice about the purchase of wallpaper, the type of paper needed as well as the installation process required. He is able to help you find the widest range of wallpapers including all the well known brands. They range from the more economical ranges to very high end and specialised papers. Customer care and service along with safety on the job are his top priority.

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