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Uniquely designed to your lifestyle, Lancaster Painters Australia luxurious designer finishes Adelaide are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any home or business. As masters of faux (fake) finishes, we are able to replicate any finish or texture and apply them to almost any surface you can imagine! All our finishes are professionally applied by hand. Be inspired by our range of specialist finishes including contemporary & modern finishes, traditional & modern heritage finishes, decorative finishes, wallpaper hanging, furniture finishes, specialty finishes, artistic finishes etc.

Our Range of Designer Finishes

Artistic Decorative Finishes

Artistic Decorative Finishes Adelaide Art

Traditional Heritage Finishes

Traditional Heritage Finishes Adelaide

Your Contemporary Finishes

Contemporary Finishes Adelaide

Beautiful Decorative Finishes

Beautiful Decorative Finishes Adelaide

Your Specialty Finishes

Specialty Kitchen Finishes Adelaide

More Specialist Designer Finishes

Jewellery Glass Art Adelaide

Featured above: Hand Made Jewellry and Glass Art

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Adelaide Furniture Finishes

Contemporary Flair Finishes Adelaide

Adelaide Art & Trompe L'Oeil

Adelaide Decorative Finishes

Adelaide Specialty Finishes

Wallpaper Hanging Service Adelaide SA

Glass Art Adelaide

Designer Heritage Finishes Adelaide SA

Specialist Colour Washes Adelaide Color Wash

Specialist Designer Finishes for Adelaide

Specialist Finishes Adelaide

And there’s more! Our specialist designer finishes Adelaide include bello Italian finishes, Venetian plaster, metal and rust finishes, concrete and cement finishes, chic French finishes, Renaissance finishes, extraordinary finishes, Chinoiserie, glass art, miscellaneous finishes and more. Read about our specialist painters Adelaide.

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Residential Family Painting Decorating

Specialist Painting

Specialist Painters Adelaide

House Painting

Specialist House Painters Adelaide

Commercial Painting

Specialist Commercial Painters Adelaide

Heritage Painting

Specialist Heritage Painters Adelaide

Specialist Decorative Finishes Adelaide

Specialist Painters Adelaide DIY Demos

Adelaide Painters Designer Finishes Master Painters DIY Demo

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