Heritage House Painting Decorating Kent Town Adelaide

Kent Town Heritage Listed House

Kent Town House Heritage Painting Decorating Adelaide

This late Victorian style sandstone and redbrick villa in Kent Town is registered as South Australian Heritage. Lancaster Painters Australia performed beautiful heritage repaint and decorative finish work to this heritage private residence. Decorative finishes included European washes to the walls, hand painted faux (fake) marbling effect to the columns and arches, and the delicate decorative finish work of the beautiful heritage ceiling roses, cornices and fireplace plate.

Kent Town Ceiling Roses Decorative Finishes Adelaide

Later, we were invited by the owner to perform heritage remedial and reconstruction work to the extensive water damaged areas of the house. It included repaint work to match the existing heritage colour schemes as well as repair and reconstruction work to original decorative finish work we completed in 2010. Works included moisture testing, sensitive cleaning of surfaces, filling, colour matching, repainting of ceilings and cornices, and artistic reconstruction work to the decorative ceiling roses.

Kent Town Decorative Ceiling Roses Cornices Adelaide

Lancaster Painters Australia performed further heritage reconstruction work to the main bathroom and the mezzanine area that led into the bathroom. It included colour matching, repaint work of walls and woodwork and the artistic touch-up work to the column in the mezzanine area that we had previously hand painted in a marble finish. We beautified the bathroom using a high gloss finish for the ceiling, applying a hand painted marble finish to the top and bottom of the cornices with a silver antiquing finish in-between.

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Kent Town Hand Painted Marble Cornice Adelaide Painters

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