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About The Australian Industry Standards

As professional Adelaide painters, Lancaster Painters Australia follow the AS/NZS 2311:2009 specification on substrate preparation and application of the coating systems, and the Master Painters Association Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry. As professional Adelaide painters, we ensure top quality painting is achieved for all residential house, commercial and heritage painting and decorating work.

Adelaide Quality Painting Preparation

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, ensuring surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems. Cracks, from minor hair-line cracks up to major structural cracking are filled using the correct materials. For major cracks this may involve sand, lime and cement or even plastering. All surfaces are rubbed down and dusted off, and in some cases, may require washing down. Preparation is the most important aspect of a job, ensuring the quality of the final finish as well as adding years onto the paintwork before it will need painting again. See photos and more information about our painting preparation.

Top Quality Paint and Materials

Super Premium Painting Services Painters Adelaide Lancaster Painters Australia are committed to using the correct super premium quality paint and materials for your job that will outlast the rest. We offer an extensive range of top quality paint finishes and highly recommend those with low or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), ie. environmentally friendly paint. We consult with our customers to explain which type of paint and materials we recommend as being the best to use for their job and why.

Adelaide Painters Paint Application

As part of our quality painting procedure, our Adelaide painters apply a minimum of a three coat quality paint system in accordance with the Australia Industry Standards to ensure the longevity of the paintwork. It is insufficient and substandard to apply only one or two coats of paint, whether for new paint work or repaint. And remember, preparation is the most important aspect of any paint job that will determine the final finish. Poor preparation results in a substandard finish with the paintwork breaking down within a short amount of time.

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See photos and information about our professional painting preparation.

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