Northampton Villa Heritage Listed House Adelaide

Heritage Listed “Northampton” Villa

Northampton is a large bay-fronted bluestone villa on Town Acre 935. It was designed and built late 1884 – 1885 by local prominent builder, James Odlum. He and his brother Michael bought many vacant lots in North Adelaide in the late nineteenth century and built properties for the middle-class rental market. This Adelaide villa is an excellent example of the prevailing architectural trend of the period and displays decorative and ornamental details both externally and internally.

Heritage Reconstruction Work

Northampton Progressive Heritage Painting Decorating Adelaide

Reconstruction work performed by Lancaster Painters Australia inside this heritage listed private residence included repaint and decoration. Hand painted decorative finishes included washes, stencils, gilding (gold leaf), decorative ceiling roses and marbleised cornices. Watch the Master Builders Association “Building Ideas” show segment further down the page for YouTube filmage of the completed work.

Northampton Villa Heritage Gilded Ceiling Roses

“Northampton” Heritage Villa

Master Builders Association Building Ideas Youtube Segment

Featured On “Building Ideas” Show

The Master Builders Association “Building Ideas” TV show showcases the work of GD & JA Lancaster, now Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd. It includes filmage of the heritage repaint and decorative work we completed to the beautiful heritage listed “Northampton” private residence in North Adelaide.

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