Mortlock Library Painting Adelaide

The Mortlock Library, Adelaide SA

The “Mortlock Wing” of the State Library is predominantly an exhibition area and popular place for hosting library functions. It houses an example of a 19th century gentleman’s library. The interior has two galleries, the first supported by masonry columns and the second by cast iron brackets. The balconies feature wrought iron balustrading ornamented with gold while the glass -domed roof allows the chamber to be lit with natural light. Two of the original gas “sunburner” lamps survive in the office space located on the second floor at the southern end.

The Mortlock Library Painting Adelaide

Taking months to complete, restoration work of the Mortlock Library included fine decorative finishes such as scumbling, painted wood grain finishes, French polished tables, as well as general painting and decorating. Colours were delicately picked out to match the original colour schemes, thus preserving the authenticity of the wing. The dim lighting and Victorian interior of the Mortlock Wing help preserve the 1000 item collection, adding atmosphere to a fascinating journey into South Australia’s history and culture.

Featured below: We applied a heritage copper antiquing effect applied to the pilasters inside the Mortlock Library.

Mortlock Library Heritage Copper Antiquing

See photos and information on our heritage website.

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