Adelaide House Painters & Decorators

Adelaide House Painters & Decorators

With 40 years of experience, professional Adelaide house painters & decorators provide a top quality interior and exterior painting and decorating service for all Adelaide homes. Our home services boast consultation services, house painting and decorating, colour matching, wallpaper hanging, swimming pool painting, furniture finishing, and luxurious designer finishes including modern & contemporary finishes, specialty finishes and art. Being committed to environmental care and the health and safety of our customers, Lancaster Painters Australia give great customer service. We offer safe lead testing and removal services for older homes.

From House To Home

Turn your house into a home! With the right paint and a touch of creativity, we can turn everyday rooms into extraordinary spaces. Personalise it and make it your own! Choose from our extensive range of colours and designs including our beautiful home paint finishes, luxury designer finishes, wallpaper and art – or have us design your vision for your home. We work extensively with you, the customer, to help you achieve your desired outcome. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, we aim for total customer satisfaction.

Lancaster Painters Australia are inspired by the aesthetics of Adelaide house painting techniques – dealing with the nature of art, beauty and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty.

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Did you know? Paint colour is a low cost way to increase the value of your home. Even the experts say that paint color is a low-cost but effective way of showcasing your home.

Simple decorating with paint brightens your home. You can use colour to highlight the architectural features of your house or use feature walls to create a striking unique design element in your home. They are a great way of adding a splash of colour or design using paint, wallpaper or a beautiful piece of art. Be inspired by our unique range designer finishes for creative ideas that reflect your lifestyle.


Gary and Geoffrey offered creative suggestions and painted samples of their suggestions on our wall and ceilings so that we could clearly visualize their suggestions. The result is that our home is beautifully decorated maintaining our desire for a light and open ambience but at the same time reflecting the heritage of our home… Both Gary and Geoff displayed an enthusiasm and commitment to achieving an excellent quality of work. Their knowledge and skill and understanding of the many different painting methods and finishes has opened our eyes to what can be achieved by skilled artisans.” Hon. C. J. Sumner & Suzanne Roux. Read more.

Quality Workmanship

As professional Adelaide house painters & decorators we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship, ensuring only the correct type of paint and materials are used for your home. Preparation is the most important aspect of any home painting project. It ensures the quality of the paintwork and enhances the look of the final finish. It extends the longevity of the paintwork before it will need painting again. We ensure surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems, filling cracks and indentations using premium quality materials. Lancaster Painters Australia follow the Australian Industry Standards for all residential painting work and highly recommend a minimum of a three coat paint system using super premium quality paint for beautiful finishes.

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