Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, Lancaster Painters Australia are continually creating new and innovative finishes. We offer a superb range of interior and exterior specialty finishes Adelaide that can be tailored to your specific needs. We aim to produce the ultimate finish in your home or business that is uniquely designed to your lifestyle, distinguishing it from the rest. Providing a specialised painting and decorating service, we offer design and colour consultation and are passionate about achieving our best for our customers. Our finishes include Porters Paints, bello Italian finishes and chic French finishes.

Stunning Specialty Finishes Adelaide

Specialty Finishes Adelaide Painters

Endless Possibilities!

Create real impact with our customised Adelaide specialty finishes. Personalise a finish and make it your own by incorporating a unique design, artistic or decorative finish effect to create your ultimate finish – perhaps some highlights of gold or silver, 2-D or 3-D art. You can add value to your business or home using a beautiful yet fashionable hand painted marble effect. And yes, it will look like real marble without the cost!

Being inspired by the aesthetics of creative painting techniques – dealing with the nature of art, beauty and taste, Lancaster Painters Australia are able to replicate any finish you can imagine.

Your Special Paint Finish

Porter Paints Specialty Finishes

Porters Paints unique line of superior finishes include:

Industrial Lustre & Venetian Glaze
Wood Wash, French Wash, Fresco
Duchess Satin & Patina Green
Instant Rust & Metal Finishes
Distemper and Lime Wash

Satin Finish, Milk Paint, Distemper
Concrete Wash & Roman Cement
Eggshell Paint & Floor Finishes
Cement Paint and Stone Paint
AquaGILD Exerior Gold

Liquid Bronze & Bronze Verdigris
Liquid Gold, Silver and Copper
Liquid Zinc, Zinc Ageing & Tin
Liquid Stainless Steel & Iron
Interno and Aqua Gloss

Bello Italian Finishes from Italy

Our authentic Italian finishes are sourced from Italy. They include:

Marble & Polished Plaster Finishes
Lime Finishes & Tallow Lime Wash
Textured Coatings & Stone Finish
Venetian Plaster and Marmorino
Gold, Silver, Copper & Bronze
Metallic and Rust Finishes

Industrial and Country Finishes
Instinto, Smooth & Cross Hatch
Tadelakt and Textured Finishes
Concrete and Cement Finishes
Decorative Finishes & Stucco
Florentino & Ranascita Blue

Architectural Designer Finishes SA
Intagliato Sgraffito, Pietra Vissuta
Pietra Spaccata, Levigata, Fresco
Broken Wall Effects & Seagarto
Renaissance finishes & Murals
Art, Designs & Trompe L’oeil

Chic French Finishes

Our chic French finishes are all applied by hand. They include:

Authentic & Modern Renaissance
Tallow Limewash and Damask

French Decorative Finishes & Art
Salle d’eau, Damask and Lazure

French Wallpaper Hanging
Broken Wall Effects & Art

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