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Porters Paints Finishes Adelaide

Parkside Country Kitchen Porters Paints Washes

Lancaster Painters Australia are fully accredited in applying Porters Paints unique brand of specialty paint finishes and washes. We offer a professional painting and decorating service in Adelaide using the latest inspirational and innovative products made specially by Porters Paints. Their inspirational paint finishes boast water based timber stains, floor paints, pearlescent paints, chalkboard and furniture finishes, trowel up fresco, cement stains, a large range of metallic finishes and more. We also specialise in hanging Porters wallpapers. Featured below: Gary Lancaster hand painted beautiful Porters  washes to the country kitchen cupboards inside a private residence in Parkside.

Hand Painted Home Country Kitchen In Parkside

Country Kitchen Porters Paints Decorative Finishes Adelaide

Specialised Porters Finishes

Porters unique line of superior finishes include:

Wood Wash, French Wash, Fresco
Rich Duchess Satin, Patina Green
Distemper, Wood & Lime Washes
Industrial Lustre, Floor Finishes
Metal & Rust Finishes, Interno

Satin Finish, Milk Paint, Distemper
Eggshell Acrylic, Venetian Glaze
Concrete Wash, Roman Cement
Cement Paint and Stone Paint
AquaGILD Exterior Gold

Liquid Bronze & Bronze Verdigris
Liquid Gold, Silver and Copper
Liquid Zinc, Zinc Ageing & Tin
Liquid Stainless Steel & Iron
Aqua Gloss, Wallpaper etc…

Porters Paints Finishes, Rust & Wallpaper

Old Adelaide Porters Paints Finishes and Wallpaper

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