Instinto Industrial Cemento Naturale Finish
Instinto Industrial Cemento Naturale
Grass Weave Wallpaper with Silver Wax Encaustic Design
Grass Weave Wallpaper with Silver Wax Encaustic Design
Bello Italian Finishes - Pietra Levigata
Bello Italian Finishes - Pietra Levigata
Extraordinary Finishes - Outside The Square
Extraordinary Finishes - Outside The Square
Contemporary Metal Finishes
Nyages d'or Metal Feature

Contemporary Finishes Adelaide

Lancaster Painters Australia aim to produce the ultimate contemporary finish in your home or business that is uniquely designed to your lifestyle, distinguishing it from the rest. We are continually creating innovative contemporary finishes with a touch of flair to inspire and desire. Our hand crafted finishes are tailored to the specific needs of our Adelaide customers. Offering a personalised painting, decorating, design and colour consultation service, we are passionate about achieving our best for our customers!

Many of our finishes can be applied to almost any surface! Our range of exquisite contemporary finishes showcase design, hand painted finishes, wallpaper, furniture finishes and contemporary art. See our contemporary painting services.

Faux (fake) metal and rust finishes
Gilding (incl. gold leaf, silver leaf)
Faux precious stones (ie. ruby)
2-D & 3-D contemporary art

Bello Italian & Chic French finishes
Modern Renaissance finishes
Venetian polished plaster
Artistic glass effects

Faux (fake) marble, stone & wood grain
Burnished wood and timber finishes
Faux (imitation) animal skin
Wax encaustic painting

Contemporary Painting & Decorating

Contemporary Finishes Adelaide

With sophisticated opulence, Lancaster Painters Australia provide a top quality, high profile professional painting, decorating and artistic service with style and elegance for all occasions. Having a flair for contemporary and modern finishes and art, we have painted, decorated and beautified the interiors and exteriors of many residential and commercial buildings including houses and penthouses in Australia. Our profile includes “Signature Prints” wallpaper installation in the prestigious “Emma Hack Gallery”. Featured above: Instinto Bamboo Finish.

Unlimited Possibilities With Paint!

We are able to replicate any finish you can imagine! Providing a unique range of superior quality contemporary paint finishes and art Lancaster Painters Australia are sure to offer just the right combination to suit your decor. In order to create a unique design or finish, we are able to interpret many of our decorative arts finishes into a contemporary setting.

“Lancaster Painters Australia are continually inspired by the aesthetics of creative contemporary painting techniques for Adelaide – dealing with the nature of art, beauty and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty.”

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